Friday, September 30, 2005

Raising my glass to Rabbett's site

For some reason I thought Rabbett's site was down. It's not. But, if he doesn't mind I'm going to continue to salute his site and include a copy of some of the discussions that are on his board...

Please visit his site and continue some discussions - the originals follow in chronological order (of sorts):

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Thank you 'XCI

I just wanted to extend a special note of thanks to "Uncle" Bill Repucci, Helen Masterson, Francine Hall and Hugh.

Bill's marathon efforts ensured that all us historical (hysterical?) figures had a great time on-air and off. He also managed the unenviable task of dealing with know-it-all-alumni (myself excluded, of course) and know-it-all current members. He handled all concerned with tact and good humor.

Helen, thanks for pulling strings when strings had to be pulled.

Francine, thanks for putting up with endless meetings and e-mails.

Hugh - as always, you said only what needed to be said, and at precisely the right time.

Finally, I would like to thank God that radio is once again purged from my system. I'm sure Bill R. will be grateful NOT to see me for a couple of years or so.

-- Bill Baker


November 2, 1998 (13:53)

I'd like to add to Bill Baker's thank you's.

Back in February, it was suggested that the alumni do air shifts on the weekend of the reUnion. We all thought it was a great idea but I had reservations(& not to the Marriot).I reasonned that if I was 19 again there was no way I would give up my shift to some old fart.

Well, I am grateful that I was wrong. Special thanks to the current staff of WXCI for not only giving us your air time, but helping us become reaquainted with the board. And , thank you for carrying on something that was special to all of us. I hope you can look back at your years at WXCI with the same fondness that we do. This was a weekend to remember.

One question: did anyone have as much fun as Stan Mingo?

See y'all in 2003:

Bruce Anderson


November 2, 1998 (14:35)

I think I had more fun than Stan Mingo ;)

-- rabb


November 2, 1998 (14:58)

It was a tie and the tie goes to the tallest:-)

-- Bruce Anderson


Tuesday, December 29, 1998


To this day, after 16 years working in radio, I owe everything I know about this business to my experience at WXCI. What a privalege it was to have met Hugh and take away so much of his wisdom and insight, to help program a real, working radio station, to talk on the air about our love for music, the small family created out of a relatively small handful of students, late nights in the prodcution room....there are no appropriate words to explain the wonderful feelings I have because of you all. But its good to know that you all know EXACTLY how I feel!

I hope I am fortunate enough to be able to continue to come back to WesConn once in a while and go on the air at XCI, to share my professional experiences with the next crop of radio heads, to give back to the station and community that gave me so much.

I love you all because you all love WXCI as much as I do.

Troy Smith aka 'Boy Troy' - 1985


Tuesday, April 06, 1999


"I hope I am fortunate enough to be able to continue to come back to WesConn once in a while and go on the air at XCI, toshare my professional experiences with the next crop of radio heads, to give back to the station and community that gave meso much."

Troy hit it right on the head for much of us within driving distance to the station. Though many will not really remember me from the regular days of spinning new music (which I didn't do as much of in the five years at XCI (88-93), those who heard me with Sunday Night Jazz, the short-lived "Coffee Rings" show with Rich Frohlich and of course, "The Reality Break" will hopefully accept my outdated tastes in college rock.

I'm finally going back to finish what I started: an actual degree.


-- Michael Wright


Thursday, May 27, 1999

It's funny that Rob sent that email....

...because I have been thinking a lot about the station. I really wish I could have made it to the reunion, but duty called. You know XCI still plays a role in my daily life--many of my colleagues here at Rykodisc were in college radio or commercial radio at the same time I was,and since the music biz is such a small world, we have lots of mutual friends and experiences. I joined the station in late 1984 or early 85 (I think), and we often get interns in here who ask me how I got my start--I love telling them it was 14 years ago in college radio. They sometimes seem so bewildered about how they can make a career in music...WXCI gave me such a head start. I always knew what I wanted to do and I've been doing it for 14 years!

Okay enough korn--keep in touch y'all.

-- Kandi (Wilkins)Quarterson


I'm alive and well. Anybody want to chat via e-mail, you can get me at I have about a 12 year history at WXCI, and tons of memories.

Thanks Rabbett for providing this site.

Whatever happened to Jimbo Clark?

Anyway, Hi to all of you devoted XCI folk!


-- Ed Struski


June 8, 1999

Ah Ed....glad you stopped in....yeah I wonder what happened to Jim too...the "ladies man" of WXCI CIRCA 1974-6.....

I kind of imagine him now as a fat old pig farmer in the back woods somewhere with a beeg stogie and fourteen kids runnin around...i wonder how close I am to reality?

-- rabbett


Sunday, June 06, 1999

A knock is heard inside the radio cabinet, then suddenly....


Rabbett!!! Snapoutofitman!! We're all still here. Although I admit it is quiet. Incredible to see Kathy Z's daughter. I had to look twice before I realized who the picture was of.

I hear from Stan the Man from time to time and Stan!!??? If your out there, I have to tell you that I started listening to Boston's local Oldies station (WODS). Hmmm... Never have listened to them before.

I have also tuned in twice to IRH, Radio Hawaii.

Your doin' a great job, Rabbett.

Best Regards,


My sister was a Bozoette at school....


June 8, 1999 (12:38)
he he he....well I got a couple of you to respond....guess my last email rant did some good eh?

Thanks for stoppin in ET

-- rabbett


June 8, 1999 (13:18)

Coooool! Summer's here & everyone is waking up.Hope you all are well & got my blurb on Moby Grape. I'd love to see the video released just to see skip Spence again in all his craziness.(He passed away this April)

Hey,ET. Listen to IRH a little more often & you may get a mention over the air...or cyber space ...or whatever.Besides, alot of the music is really quite good.

Keep up the great work, Rabb, & you know I'll be in touch.

Bruce Anderson


Tuesday, July 06, 1999

awake :)

Hey rabbett u woke me up..... i love the xci home page the pics from the reunion are cool... just wanted to post this message too see if anyone reads this stuff fell free to e mail me.:) .....Carey

Carey "Snake Hewitt........................... Life Member 1978


December 20, 1999 (16:12)

Some of us check in from time to time! I guess everyone still has their headphones on.

-- Travisty


Thursday, November 18, 1999

Quiet out there

Hi kids:Been quite a while since anything has been posted so I thought I'd break the silence & wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.Also, it's been a year since our blessed event. Are we going to do it again for the 30th anniversary? Same time of year? Same type of event? What would you do differently? I'd love to hear what you think. Happy trails.

Bruce Anderson


November 21, 1999 (14:15)


I think you and I are the only folks who remember, who visit the site, who wonder and stay in touch.

I noticed that XCI rewrote part of the station web and we lost our link. I wrote to compliment them and offer our site's linkbut still haven't heard anything back. Guess email takes a while to filter down there.

New officers? Bill Raspucci out?

Looks like it.



November 24, 1999 (15:31)

hi folks.jeez, must be quiet if even us not online yet folks are putting messages in (courtesy of Bruce A's computer).

Hey Alumni...WAKE UP!!!!

Five years will be here before you know it. Will you be ready? I should even know my way around cyberwoof by then.

My continuing heartfelt gratitude to Rabbett for keeping this little flame alive. IF no response I guess I'll have to go out, get me modemized and kick your little cyberbutts!

Happy Thanksgiving and in case I'm not digital by then, happy holidays to all.

bj (that's Burgess to all the lunatics who don't know no better(can you tell I was a wesconn englesh mager?)


December 2, 1999 (18:36)

just go buy an imac and get with it dude!



December 20, 1999 (16:10)

Indeed it is quiet. Bruce! Your da best! Well, I just changed jobs. I work at iXL now.

Had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Hope all of you did too!

Merry Christmas and Wacky New Year!


-- Travisty


January 8, 2000 (18:28)

yikes Travisty

what do you do at

What makes a winner?

Does your wife have a good job too?

yawn - how bout that y2k bug?

I killed all mine with a house tenting this past week.

IRH is babyu steps away from going 24/7

the carousels are all loaded and inventoried.

I have enough Hawaiian tunes to randomly roate thru the library without a repeat for 8 days

tee hee

watch out world

I'm gonna be on the mbone soon enough too

and look for irh at and on a box too soon

yikes I made it to the year 2000

SO BJ got a Gateway - where he stay?

-- rabbett


Friday, January 14, 2000

WXCI updates

Howdy folks, thought you'd like to hear an update from a life member who's still active with the station (I'll have my 10th anniversary in September 2000, they ain't getting rid of me!).

* Jesse Goselin is the new GM, and he rocks. He's a great guy, knows a ton about music and is really good to work with.

* WXCI held it's second annual Can O'Christmas show in December to benefit the Dorothy Day Hospitality House in Danbury. DJ Spooky headlined, with locals Fantastic Superheros, Tru Prophits and Sargent Skagnetti opening. Not a huge turnout but everyone had fun and some food was collected for some people who need it.

* WXCI now broadcasts on the Web!!!! You can access it by going to WXCI's site ( or by going to When you're there search for WXCI. I believe you will need WinAmp to listen but try Real Audio that might work.

So that's that. I will note that I'm most likely the youngest person to post in here (maybe us late '80s-early '90s folks aren't nostalgic yet). Anyway the stations fine, and if want to hear me I'm on each Saturday from 11am to 2pm.

Shagger Dave


Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Whoa! The hairy gets computized!!!

NOW here is a bit o' nuze!!! BJ gets a computer!

I'm in shock! Welcome BEEJ!

In case Rabbett sees this, I am a Director of Project Mgmt at ixl. Actually, I have been doing project management work for some time. iXL is a web systems integration company based out of Atlanta. Boston is one of the bigger, better, offices though.

I have only been working there for about two months. So far, it is looking good. Currently, my team is building a business to business web site for Chase Manhattan Bank.

I'll give you guys the URL when it is done.

It is a frosty 4 degrees in Boston today. My youngest is home sick.

BJ!!! Don't start typing until after the system says your connected! hee hee hee.


-- ET


Wednesday, February 02, 2000

Return of the Reality Break

Life Member and Lone Star Workaholic Rich Frohlich issetting the wheels in motion to bring back XCI's bestforay into the funny side of things, The Reality Break.

For those, unfamiliar, the Reality Break was a half hour oforiginal sketch comedy, vintage tracks by stand up and comedy troupes, and featured Rich Frohlich, Louis Wahl and myself.

Rich already has me voicing some new things in anticipationfor the relaunch of the show. I'm excited.

More details as they become available..

BTW, the annual Washington's B-Day Bash, with Rudi Hauser and others, will hopefully happen around the weekend of February 19th.

Maybe you'll catch it online...

dat's all fer now

Mike Wright, WKZE 98.1FM
Sharon, CT


February 3, 2000 (15:27)

As sone who missed Reality break the first time around (although I seem to remember hearing snippets while we researched the reunion CD) I, as an XCI Oldfart, am looking forward to hearing this mysterious program.Granted, you were after my time at Wixie, but we're all in this together. Keep the flame lit.

-- bj


Saturday, April 13, 2002

Any flippin' thing...

Well, as Rabbett might say, where the &$%#^@% is everybody??? I am sitting here on a Saturday morning in my wife's music studio doing the remembering thing. I was thinking that we were the oldest AND roudiest bunch of radioheads at the reunion yesterday (or was it a lot of yesterday's ago).

Anyway, I have been out of circulation for about 2 months since I have been living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia working on a project for my company. One boring country, let me tell you. Interesting in some ways, for about a week or so, then very very boring. No movie theaters, shows, booze, etc. Just a lot of shopping and work, sleep, work, work, eat, work, shopping. I brought home a case full of souvenirs.

How is everyone doing???

Hope you are all well and kickin' A'

Best Regards,


-- Evans Travis


April 13, 2002 (15:26)
Working away here in Scottsdale AZ. The sun is out and I am inside all day writing. I have been working on an interactive writing which give details on how the Internet works.

Evan how are you? How long has it been? Maybe 23 years or so? Wow. Good to see your pics on Rabb's site.

I am hanging here with my Swami friend. He has moved here from Rishkesh India. Lives some times in WV and the rest of the time he travels the world. He teaches Yoga and good thinking and living habits.

Swami and I are departing on a trip across USA starting Monday. Will drive the southern route to see the gulf states.

-- Paul Yurt


April 22, 2002 (13:08)

We are still alive & kickin!

Beyond that, I have nothing to say.

-- Bruce Anderson

Sign on

To start this blog - I'll sign on.

If XCI's gone to automation - you might hear this sort of thing even more rarely.

Some time between 1987 and 1994 (the last time I'm sure I was the first person on the air in the morning) you might have heard me say...

At this time, WXCI Danbury begins its broadcast day. WXCI is owned and operated by the Campus Broadcast Association of Western Connecticut State University. Our studios are located in Memorial Hall, at WestConn with transmitting facilities atop Shelter Rock in Danbury Connecticut. WXCI operates on an assigned carrier frequency of 91.7 megahertz, we have an effective radiated power of 760 Watts as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. If you have any questions about station operations, you can call us anytime at (203) 744-5402. WXCI is funded in part by the Student Government Association of Western Connecticut State University.

Much of the wording has probably changed, for one - the power is greater - and I think they're broadcasting from WestConn's westside campus... but that's the sign on. Like a good boyscout remembers his oath... I remember that sign on (more or less)

In actuality... I probably would have done many more sign-offs (the dreaded evil opposite of the sign-on). But, I wouldn't go down without a fight... With the help of Mike Wright, and/or Louis Wahl, and/or Rudi Hauser - I would attempt to keep the broadcast going as long as physically possible... reading straight copy off the AP... recapping something resembling news, and significant moments in history... trivia and who knows what else... Why?

Probably the same reason that I'm writing THIS...