Tuesday, January 24, 2006

25th Reunion shows

To your right, you will see the current podcast stats.

Someone is listening a whole bunch.

Thanks to Hugh, we'll be podcasting a few of our 25th anniversary shows.

First in the chute... Tom Z's show with all the first generation WXCI folks.

Hopefully this show will be on line by this weekend.

My goal is to get you all pumped up for the planned FEBRUARY event.

The plan is to have a small reunion for all alumni (not just life members... everyone) every February. Who knows... it'd be nice to keep doing this every year, and have our own little home-coming (when it's icy cold in Danbury... hmmmm)

So... send them your CD... call the station, go there... get on the air (if you tape your show it could end up on the podcast)...


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