Monday, January 30, 2006

Fixed podcast - New podcast!

Just to make sure everything was working, I checked TomZ's reunion show.

One thing struck me. It wasn't supposed to be a mere 45 min.

Sure enough, when I got to the 45 minute mark (or so) it ended prematurely. I don't know what happened to the upload, but apparently the last third of the file was lost (forever lost)... so I posted a point five upgrade.

You can now listen to the rest of the Tom Z reunion show, as well as (in just about an hour from now) Bill Baker's reunion show that followed the first friendly faction of folks flashing far back to forgotten fun-filled former days at wonderful WXCI wadio...

That's next on the
WXCI's Podcast



Blogger M. Wright said...

Yeah, I wondered if that cutoff was intentional. Guess not. Looking forward to the others during that weekend. Does this mean we'll be hearing the Louis/Rich/Rudi&Mike semi-close-to-an-hour of 9volt power?

9:07 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

Louis/Rich/Rudi and Mike?

Yes... Not all of it. Broadcasting from about 11pm to 6am yields quite a lot of talkovers... I think Rudi and Louis left about 3am... you stayed until 5am or so... and I went all the way (the fool I am...) Those last talkovers are... well... there's no doubt I was talking and staying awake for more than the recommended amount of time...


9:26 AM  

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