Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tom Z

All this talk about Tom Z... and I just remembered something.

He wrote to this blog... and his message never got uploaded. Well, it wasn't personal - I think he wrote right before the holidays... and life got crazy...

Anyhow, here are some bits from Tom's note. Then tune in soon to hear a vintage aircheck from Tom, and the 25th reunion show on Oct 23 1998...

So finally, rich ya got me hooked. take a deep breath, grab a sandwich.

greg wencek has been telling me of the blog's birth and growth, and i've "peeked" at it, but i have deliberately been staying away only cuz i KNOW i would spend way toooo much time on it. so let me say a few things, then i've really gotta run, honest!

first of all, i'm glad you're doin an XCI memories-type blog. great idea, as long as you've got the time! :)

so what am i doing today?
just go to google and type in this text:


...then, after you're done poking through those links, try any of these additional links:

1. article from USA today last december

2. the video clip from MSNBC last year about all-christmas radio, Click the "launch" button to play the clip, it runs about 90 seconds, you 'll see me in there somewhere.

3. an article about the religious angle to Christmas radio reporters have been asking about:

4. an article from the CA north county times, similar subject matter:

5. This article contains a Sept. 11 connection to the many all-christmas stations in the USA in the past 3 years.

so i still do almost all radio-related stuff, even after all these years.
I'm the PR guy and company spokesguy for 3 companies owned by RCS. I write and edit the text on most pages and the scripts for the flash demos on our company's sites.

...and i recently did a sunday morning air shift at oldies WDRC-FM in Hartford for 3 years.

see y'all later and merry christmas.

Tom Zarecki
Director of Public Relations
RCS, Inc. and Media Monitors


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Give my regards to Mary Beth, Tom!

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