Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Work work work..

So here I sit...

1) Working on all this old WXCI audio.

2) Trying to edit audio for a local storyteller CD.

3) Writing the next Texas Radio Theatre script.

4) Trying NOT to eat a whole box of chocolate mint girlscout cookies (chocolate mint girlscouts are the coolest)

5) Attempting to work at my day job.

See what priority number 5 is??? Geez... that priority list is a little top heavy. Anyhow - here's the upcoming podcasting schedule (yes, there's a schedule):

27 Jan 2006 WXCI Memories 07 - Tom Z aircheck from 1974

29 Jan 2006 WXCI Memories 08 - 25th Reunion - Tom Z. and the gang Broadcast on 10/23/1998

31 Jan 2006 WXCI Memories 09 - 25th Reunion - Bill Baker

02 Feb 2006 WXCI Memories 10 - 25th Reunion - Jim Nelson / Darran Lucas/Young Spud

04 Feb 2006 WXCI Memories 11 - 25th Reunion - Stan "The Man" Mingo / Bruce Goldsen

We'll see what happens after the fourth... In case you're wondering - (and it's about as subtle as a stick of dynomite thrown in a feather pillow warehouse...) I'm deliberately trying to get you all jazzed for storming the station in one month... I've got plenty of Reunion content, so be prepared to listen.

Mwa ha ha ha ha!



Blogger Rabbett said...

i wonder what happened to the cd i produced my anniversary show on....i guess they threw it out...

7:20 PM  

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