Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dead blog? History???

In the words of Monty Python, "it's not dead yet"

not just yet...

I'm still working with Texas Radio Theatre - doing some minimal broadcasting and doing lots of sound design in the Dallas theatre circles.

My Mom, after breaking her neck is doing lots better - she's healed up surprisingly fast and is back to work in a limited way.

My previous hiccups with the computer were just a pre-cursor to a horrific series of events that crippled two of my systems, and resulted in some data-loss.

It was a one, two three punch and I lost an entire hard drive in the process. I try to have all my stuff backed up and redundant between three systems (two desktops and one notebook)... but when one goes down and then another... Instead of repairing and keeping the back up chain going, I just shifted all my activity to the next best computer.

So, literally the day after I counted my blessings - BOOM! wirr wiir wirr CLICK.


Getting all the hardware and surviving data restored and in time to meet other deadlines took all my time and effort...

Four months later, I'm just to a point when I can take a breath.


So how's everyone?