Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another broadcast outlet for WXCI alumni?

This is from Gregory Wencek
AKA Donuts and Coffee
not Rasputin!

From Radio and Records today:

Sirius Launches DIY Radio
Sep. 19, 2006
By Katy Bachman, Mediaweek

SOURCE: Mediaweek.com

Sirius Satellite Radio is opening up the mic to its listeners, inviting them to create and host their own national radio show, the company announced Tuesday (Sept. 19). D.I.Y. Radio (for do-it-yourself) will debut on Sirius' Faction channel on Sept. 24 ad air each Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

The move is similar to the open source radio concept pioneered by CBS Radio, which last year launched KYOU Radio in San Francisco, programmed with listener-submitted podcasts.

Each week, D.I.Y. Radio will put a different Sirius listener in control, allowing them to pick all of the music and say whatever they want, commercial-free and uncensored.

Earlier this year, Sirius launched Blog Radio on its Left of Center channel, featuring radio shows crated and hosted by music bloggers in America.

Monday, September 18, 2006

February is coming

I spoke with Hugh yesterday, and he tells me that he's going to help out with the next WXCI DAY (number XXXIV).

Perhaps all he needs to do is make sure the plans are on track.

We're going to look at what worked best last year, and see if we can keep this thing going - (with #35 in '08 being a super-big bash)

One thing he mentioned was the 'groups'. It seemed to be good for allums who worked together in the old days, to share a few slots. Safety in numbers, I suppose.

We ought to get support from the current staff. One point that was brought up last year, was that everyone at the station will eventually be an allum, so making sure this is a successful and reoccurring thing is as much for themselves as it is for us old farts. (kind of like Congress voting themselves a raise and a good retirement plan)

That's all for now.

I'll also see if I can dust off the WXCI podcast and get some of the 25th anniversary stuff on line as well as the new stuff that was emailed to me from the most recent one.

So much stuff...

I just need to find the time... In the last few months (since my Mom's accident and 99% recovery) I've been doing a whole bunch more sound design for theaters in Dallas - so add that to my already busy schedule....


Oh... right... Rasputin sent in that last thing about the radio tower being yanked.

Sorry... I swear I thought I saw GW's name as the guy who sent me that there emaily-thang-a-ma-call-it.

Anyhow... I thought of something else.

With Digital radio coming over the horizon, anyone who has a broadcast license is going to have a huge opportunity to do niche programming (i.e. there's the potential to do good, old-fashioned radio again) in addition to the safe, focused group pablum they normally throw up at the transmitter.

The school administration is typically not looking to the future.

PS: as far as using the additional digital channels effectively, I'm not saying they will... I'm just saying there's a POTENTIAL.

More than likely it's just going to be MORE voice tracking and cyber dj computer generated monkey jocks... rather than any new employees and local based programming.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quinnipiac University radio tower yanked

This comes from Gregory Wencek... Pretty unbelievable.

Quinnipiac Radio Tower Removed!

Posted by John Principale on September 06, 2006 at 14:24:50:

To my fellow radio professionals and enthusiasts:

Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT recently removed the tower for
their student run FM station. No notice was given to the students, as
they simply returned to school with WQAQ off the air. According to a
campus official the tower was removed "because it was an unsightly
eyesore right in the center of campus." They are in danger of losing
their license should they not replace the tower within the next year.

With more overnight and weekend shifts either voicetracked or
eliminated altogether, college radio is where tomorrow's talent can
polish their on air technique.

Please take the time to write Quinnipiac president John Lahey and
encourage him to replace WQAQ's tower.

Quinnipiac University
275 Mt. Carmel Ave.
Hamden, CT 06518

You can read the full article at www.quchronicle.com


John Principale
APD/MD/Middays- KMXP Phoenix
Quinnipiac '00
(Former WQAQ Program Director)