Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Looking forward to next year

Sorry I missed many of you who came in after me. I could only stay a little while that afternoon, but I had fun for the short time I had on the air. Thanks Hugh (for all you do) and thanks to John, Anna (sorry I missed the buffet) and the current staff for letting us play in the sandbox again.

Many of us who could not make it this year hope to be on hand for XCI's 35th anniversary. Should be a blast!

Mike Wright 88-92

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


At last...

It's about time...

I've put all the photos from last year AND this year's birthday bashes on the blog. Now I need some help. A few people I know, but a few I don't. A little help here (would be appreciated). Send me an email or pop a note in the comments about what's going on or who is being seen.

Plus - If anyone has any recordings (of this event or WXCI history), I'll pop them online as well, just let me know where they be.



WXCI 34th birthday pictures #1

Foreground waving, Justin Mazzerese--current GM
Joe Mariano--Green shirt getting hugged--lifer, former GM
Anna Youngquist--current Business Manager
Background Keenon Snell--lifer

Joe, Anna, and Keenon

Liz Potaka--lifer

Liz again

WXCI 34th birthday pictures #2




The spread--note the framed First Amendment on the wall
(Gift of the Goldsens)

WXCI 34th birthday pictures #3

Yum... coffee and donuts...
Coffee and donuts is actually coffee and pizza bagels and veggie
tempura. The tempura went slower than the bagels, but thanks to Echo
staffers, it all went.

Jesse is talking to Anna, and in the background P.D. John Selwyn is walking toward Justin at the computer.



WXCI 34th birthday pictures #4



Bruce Anderson

The Inner Sanctum

Bruce Anderson

WXCI 34th birthday pictures #5

Bill Baker and Kevin Ellston

Bill Baker and Kevin Ellston -
Together they're 2/3s of Morning
Sickness. If you look carefully you can find Mrs. Baker's back.

Kevin Ellston



Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alumni Day Schedule (story so far)

Alumni Day Saturday Feb 24

12pm-1pm: Mike Wright
1pm-2pm: Greg Wencek
2pm-3pm: Joe Mariano
3pm-4pm: Liz Mountfiled
4pm-5pm: Keenan Snell
5pm-6pm: Jesse Gosselin
6pm-7pm: Stephan Stone
7pm-8pm: Bruce Anderson
8pm-9pm: Bill Baker
9pm-10pm: Rich Frohlich- (and yes... I'm going to play some Texas Radio Theatre)

To be scheduled:
Ed Beibel

Above is the current schedule for Alumni Day. I am waiting to hear back from a couple of alum's who are possibly interested in taking a shift, but its first come first serve, so let me know if any of these time slots work for you. You can reach me a lot faster by phone as I do not have a net connection where I live. The number is :

(email Rich
and I'll tell ya)

Look forward to hearing from you
Cheers, JS

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some Photos from last year's alumni day

Photos from 2006 part 2

Photos from 2006 part 3

Photos from 2006 part 4

Photos from 2006 part 5

Photos from 2006 part 6