Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alumni Day Schedule (story so far)

Alumni Day Saturday Feb 24

12pm-1pm: Mike Wright
1pm-2pm: Greg Wencek
2pm-3pm: Joe Mariano
3pm-4pm: Liz Mountfiled
4pm-5pm: Keenan Snell
5pm-6pm: Jesse Gosselin
6pm-7pm: Stephan Stone
7pm-8pm: Bruce Anderson
8pm-9pm: Bill Baker
9pm-10pm: Rich Frohlich- (and yes... I'm going to play some Texas Radio Theatre)

To be scheduled:
Ed Beibel

Above is the current schedule for Alumni Day. I am waiting to hear back from a couple of alum's who are possibly interested in taking a shift, but its first come first serve, so let me know if any of these time slots work for you. You can reach me a lot faster by phone as I do not have a net connection where I live. The number is :

(email Rich
and I'll tell ya)

Look forward to hearing from you
Cheers, JS


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