Thursday, June 21, 2007

WXCI 35 -- Save the Date

The following is a message from Hugh:

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008


This February marks the 35th anniversary of WXCI, and we'd like to have a gathering to celebrate that, as well as to get together with old friends and make some new ones.

The date to save is Saturday, February 23rd, 2008. As in the past few years the current air staff will give up time to alums to do one hour shifts. People who have done it in the last year or two may have some suggestions (like bring your music on CD--you'll never find it in the library--and bring two copies).

We'd also like to have a buffet, similar to what we did ten years ago. I've reserved the first floor of Warner Hall (it wasn't here ten years ago), which is a nice space, and can fit a bunch of us. I've talked to the food service and have gotten their offerings, and will pick the menu in about a month. We'll have the space from six until ten or so.

My next tasks center around verifying addresses, finding lost people, getting the University to pay for postage, and so on.

Information Central will continue to be the WXCI Memories Blog ( or linked from it, through the courtesy of Rich Frohlich.

More to come . . .

Friday, June 15, 2007

Anyone up for something a little different?

My experience at the Public Radio Talent Quest has introduced me to one more version of online social networking.

I know... we're doomed

Rather than something completely public, it's a bit more private and certainly more "face to face" (or as much as you can get on line). Rather than everything going through ME and a few of the other folks on here each person would have their own page. They'd have a few places to post things - photos - audio - video all sorts of junk like that as well as similar things on the main part of the site.

I'm not looking to kill the blog, but this would be in addition to this site - it's by invitation (as a member you can also invite other folks without going through me)

Anyhow, this is what I'm looking at.


If there's a general interest - I'll start it up and invite everyone I have on the WXCI email contact list. It might be good to start as we gear up for #35.

Like anything, we get out what we put in, but in the case of NING - it's more equal - as any member can carry on discussions or post things - even if the guy who started it all falls asleep for a few months.

What do you say? (and if this were NING - you would see your post under this... it wouldn't be in another window... or you could reply with a picture like this:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jeff Morris polishes up his walker

Sure, my walker and I would like to be contacted about the WXCI 35th anniversary reunion plans.

Is it really going to be 10 years since the 25th anniversary? Gosh, it seems like the 25th anniversary was just yesterday. I think we should do one day commemorating 35 years ago, one day commemorating 10 years ago, and another commemorating whatever the hell it was we did two years ago. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to remember what I did last week.

-Jeffery Morris '74

Boston was the album of the 70's

In my opinion Boston's first album was the poster child album for the 70's -

I don't think there's one song on that album that didn't hit the charts in one way or another - you can still listen to it today and the style and energy is NOT old fashioned (in my opinion - I guess we need to ask some teens todayabout it... but to me - this was the sound of the decade)

Thoughts? Comments?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WXCI's 35th birthday is coming up

35 years ought to be one of the bigguns...

Hugh is going to dust off his 10 year old mailing list, and we'll start coordinating for the 35th anniversary of the station in February.

If you want to be contacted regarding the reunion plans - make sure you send your name - address - email and other information to the following address:

r_frohlich at yahoo dot com

And I'll make sure that Hugh gets the info.

From Glenn Bisogno

Hey there,

I heard I was being tracked down the the dog I am! What's new?
I'm working for Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ in marketing, I got out of radio in 1985. I miss the good old days at the "wonderful wixy". I'm still having flashbacks from my time talking with Rabbit and Rasputen. And I kind of miss seeing Jimmy Dyer in the building late at night. Has anyone heard from my best man Mike Grady? I'll always miss my buddy Dave Landry, so sad that such a nice guy had to die so young from brain cancer, just horrible.

My time at WXCI was one of the main reasons I got my first job in advertising and production in cable. And I credit XCI with helping me with my pubic speaking when I became GM and had to talk to public officials. It was also great training on how to provide carefully crafted sound bites for the press, who gleefully parrot them unedited. Got to love the press.
I just got remarried, live in the Brewster area, and now have have six kids and two grandchildren.

Anyhow, cool web site. We didn't even have access to computers back then, but if we did it would have been very cool too.


Monday, June 04, 2007

ok, it's too quiet

Hi folks.

Been some talk about the fact that Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released 40 years ago (God that fact alone makes my skin shrivel).

It can arguably be said that Sgt Pepper's was one of, if not THE defining record of the 60's.

I pose this question to all the participating WXCI alumni:

What would you consider the defining album/CD of the 70's, 80's, 90's, etc. ?

I know we all have our favorites( my personal 60's selection would probably not have been Sgt Pepper's) but let's try to be realistic and consider the album you think had the greatest impact on music in general.

You won't win anything except something new to look at whenever you access this page (sorry Rich)

Have fun and thanks!