Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dusting off the Podcast

I guess it's time to dust off the podcast.

I received a sign from the radio-gods (or demi-gods... or spirits or pixies... ah... I had a MOMENT... ok)

When I was attempting to organize my office (ok... clean off my desk) I found a minidisc of the WXCI stream from our 2006 (33rd) alumni weekend - AND also found a recording of the LIFE AFTER COLLEGE talk that was organized during our 2007 weekend.

Due to our litigious friends at the RIAA I don't risk playing any of the tunes that Morgan, Tom, Gregg, Bill, Rudi and Mike (and others) played during their shows - but I can play what they said. Some of the broadcast day was cut off due to streaming difficulties... then it ended in the middle of Rudi, Pam and Mike's shift...

So... it'll be just like a bunch of airchecks...

Those are all coming up in the next few days... so prepare to jump over to

By the way... podcast is a generic name for downloadable and streaming audio... you can listen via your computer without that cool and groovy apple product.

I should have some things up this weekend.

I hope I hope I hope.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big dum stoopid head...

Ok, ok... knock knock...

(who's there)

Big dum stoopid head

(big dum stoopid head who)

People who don't sign up to join our new social network about WXCI and stuff are...

(yes... this is a form of peer pressure)

Just log on over here and beg Gregg to let you be a member and stop yourself from continuing to be ridiculed, tortured and made fun of because you're a BDSH for not being a part of a WXCI discussion board... m'kay.

Glad we've got that cleared up.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Message from Carey Hewitt

Hi guys Greetings from Middletown Ct I cant believe its been 10 years since the last reunion...

Time sure flies when you are having fun but not as much from 1975-79 at WXCI I plan on being there on 2/23 Cant wait to see everyone Dood will be there 2

As a side note the following BETTER come:
Glenn Bisogno , Skid and Grady and anyone else who remembers me

Take care all see you soon

Carey Hewitt 79- Life Member

That Original Signon...

Is this how it sounded?


(audio levels are a bit weird... be careful - soft in beginning loud at end)

I rendered one with more normalized levels, but each time I encode it to blogger, I get the same result....


I wanted to just publish this silly audio version - as audio... but this seems to be virtually impossible.

I guess 'audio only' for a blog is so old fashioned... fine... I rendered it to an avi.... there ya go.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does this look easy?

I bet it does.

But I assure you that putting up these little blurbs about what's going on in a month and change makes putting up Stonehenge look like setting up patio furniture.

Man... I gotta remember my password... think of something to say... log on... type it out and then press ENTER. OY!

Anyhow... this has been sitting in my TO DO box for a while, it comes from former GM Anne "Ann-archy" Corey and she says:

I knew I needed to track down this photo to have you post it. I finally found it and have identified most of the people in the photo.

click for larger view

This might be 1986 or early 1987. Taken in the WXCI office in the old student union building. To the best of my recollection, here are the people pictured:
back row L-R: Randy "Waters" Frongillo, Morgan Williams, Ray Hofmiller, Darren ?, Rick ?, Hassan Madkour, Scott Nicholson?, Rob "Rob Radio" Kriauciunas, Alice McKenney, Mike ?, John "J.R." Ryan, Greg Chelso
front row L-R: Adrienne Lalla, Marie Salvador, Bill Baker, Ashley Cooke, Anne "Ann-archy" Corey, Maureen/Alex Horton, Jeff McKay, Dave Rinelli, Garrett Burdick (who took this photo), Cindy Winters, Kandi Wilkins, Cindy Johnson?, Tom Bussman

I hope all is well with you & I'll see you at the reunion!
Thanks, Anne