Saturday, February 28, 2009


36 years.

Is that right?

All sorts of things going on at the station for alumni, current members and listeners.

Tune in - Turn it up - Rip off the knob

Friday, February 20, 2009

Washington's Birthday Bash

Starting back in '88 or '89 (and until at least 1994), a bunch of us (myself, Louis Wahl, Rudi Hauser, Mike Wright, Pam Meister and others) got together each year about this time and did an all night Saturday broadcast in (what we said was) honor of Washington's Birthday.

Perhaps this was just a lame excuse to broadcast all night (WXCI used to sign off at midnight or 2am back then) - perhaps the fact that most folks were off that Monday and after 2am we could break format (within reason) were bigger factors... but hey we had fun and we taped many of them.

So I'm thinking that my contribution will be along the lines of an edited 20 year old vintage cassette broadcast of WXCI in the day.

GASP... is it really 20 years????



I'm really sorry I'm going to have to miss out this year.

I will be wielding my stratocaster at Archie Moore's in Derby that night (shameless promotion there)playing those classic rock songs live instead of on the air.

I wish everyone great success and a whole lotta fun.

Bruce Anderson '73

Perhaps a remote broadcast?... - rich

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Danbury airwaves need a stimulus!

Yes... the airwaves need a stimulus... a bailout... a veritable shot in the arm, and you can give it to them.

You know about the allumni weekend. You know that's when DJs from WXCI's past get to sit in that sticky chair, talk into a stained microphone and gingerly avoid the chewing gum from getting on their knees.

You know you could join them.

But you said to yourself:

"It could never happen again"

"Who'd want to listen to me?"

and "There's probably no room..."

Well, it can, everyone, and there is!!

So - don't just stand there with your finger on your temple... put it on WXCI's console and get broadcasting again... at least for one little weekend.

According to Hugh:

"We still have some open times.

Also the Alumni Association is funding the coffee and cookies this year, so there will be refreshments, but no dinner."


Slots AND COOKIES. What more could you ask for?

What slots are open?

Not sure... but I know what slots are not open:

12-1 Greg Higgins
1-2 Jeff McKay
2-3 Jesse Gosselin
3-4 Michael Wright
5-6 Keenon Snell

If you want to find out which slot to ask for - might I suggest a strawberry, deductive reasoning, geometric logic and a duplicate key to the icebox... then send a quick email request to sglyko at gmail dot com (Steve Glykokokalos).

(many will play - few will win)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

cocktails / dinners / wild parties

BJ asks:

Just curious, but will there be another cocktail hour/ reception/ dinner like there was last year? Or will we just have to hang out at the station and make ourselves insufferable?

BJ Burgess

Dear Insufferable,

I've heard nothing official.

I hear some say life is what you make it... and a few say that life is a party. I suspect the party can and will be where you make it... and just like the old days - it'll probably start informally at the station, and then end up passed out somewhere on campus (except now-a-days it's probably due to fatigue or low blood sugar).

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sign up - Line up - and reenlist TODAY!

This just in (one week ago) from Hugh,

We’re ready to sign people up for shifts for the WXCI Birthday on 2/28.

There will be 12 one-hour shifts that people can do alone or with others. It would be helpful if we have an idea of how many people will be there during a shift, but it’s not essential.

People can request times by sending an email to
sglyko at gmail dot com (Steve Glykokokalos).

He’ll try to keep you up to date on what’s open for the blog.

I’m planning on being there from about noon until maybe 9:00 at night (I’m getting too old to stay much later).

I’d encourage people who are in the area that day to stop by, even if they don’t do a shift. It’s always good to see old friends.

I hope all’s well,