Friday, February 20, 2009

Washington's Birthday Bash

Starting back in '88 or '89 (and until at least 1994), a bunch of us (myself, Louis Wahl, Rudi Hauser, Mike Wright, Pam Meister and others) got together each year about this time and did an all night Saturday broadcast in (what we said was) honor of Washington's Birthday.

Perhaps this was just a lame excuse to broadcast all night (WXCI used to sign off at midnight or 2am back then) - perhaps the fact that most folks were off that Monday and after 2am we could break format (within reason) were bigger factors... but hey we had fun and we taped many of them.

So I'm thinking that my contribution will be along the lines of an edited 20 year old vintage cassette broadcast of WXCI in the day.

GASP... is it really 20 years????



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