Monday, March 23, 2009

Super cool Photo bonuses!!!!

Yup... you too can have a bonus - and one that nobody will be banging on your door to return...

Well at least one hopes not...

Can you believe it - I'm posting photos of the most recent anniversary / alumni broadcast day - and a whole month hasn't even passed by.

(many thanks to Hugh for being the shutterbug)

Hope everyone had a swell time.

Just so you know - The podcast is currently on hiatus - I think you can still access the thing - not sure how long.

I'll do what I can to start it up again and update it with new material at a new location - I've got old tapes and airchecks and all sorts of stuff I could upload - just haven't had the time to fiddle with.

Unfortunately, due to legal issues and record company cops - I don't think I have the permission to publish any tunes we used to play - so that means I can only include the talk-overs. Editing that takes time... so that's why I hadn't put loads of stuff up in the past.

So until I sort out all that nonsense - enjoy THIS nonsense.

36th Anniversary - Jim Dyer - Brian Burgess

36th Anniversary - Paul Yurt

36th Anniversary - Keenon - Snell

36th Anniversary - Bob Hutchings

36th Anniversary - More Group Photos

36th Anniversary - Jesse

36th Anniversary - Group photos

36th Anniversary - Refreshments

36th Anniversary - Jeff McKay

36th Anniversary - Greg Higgins

Monday, March 02, 2009

The day after

On the day of - Hugh said he'll send comments and pictures soon.

Speaking of comments.

RIP Paul Harvey.

He never broadcast from a WXCI microphone, but I'll bet it's one of the few things he regretted not doing.