Friday, September 30, 2005

Sign on

To start this blog - I'll sign on.

If XCI's gone to automation - you might hear this sort of thing even more rarely.

Some time between 1987 and 1994 (the last time I'm sure I was the first person on the air in the morning) you might have heard me say...

At this time, WXCI Danbury begins its broadcast day. WXCI is owned and operated by the Campus Broadcast Association of Western Connecticut State University. Our studios are located in Memorial Hall, at WestConn with transmitting facilities atop Shelter Rock in Danbury Connecticut. WXCI operates on an assigned carrier frequency of 91.7 megahertz, we have an effective radiated power of 760 Watts as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. If you have any questions about station operations, you can call us anytime at (203) 744-5402. WXCI is funded in part by the Student Government Association of Western Connecticut State University.

Much of the wording has probably changed, for one - the power is greater - and I think they're broadcasting from WestConn's westside campus... but that's the sign on. Like a good boyscout remembers his oath... I remember that sign on (more or less)

In actuality... I probably would have done many more sign-offs (the dreaded evil opposite of the sign-on). But, I wouldn't go down without a fight... With the help of Mike Wright, and/or Louis Wahl, and/or Rudi Hauser - I would attempt to keep the broadcast going as long as physically possible... reading straight copy off the AP... recapping something resembling news, and significant moments in history... trivia and who knows what else... Why?

Probably the same reason that I'm writing THIS...


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