Friday, November 25, 2005

Don Imus

Here's a scan of another of the same series of original bumperstickers. But note the odd scribble in the upper right. Yes, it's actually signed by Don Imus -- THAT Don Imus, although at the time he was just an "outrageous" morning dj playing music and bits on WNBC (what's WNBC?). I got this signed in 1976 when he inexplicably made a personal appearance at some store -- I can't even remember what it was -- that was next door to the Fayva Shoes store where I was working up on Newtown Road. Also note the ink smudges on this bumper sticker. It was a rainy day, I think. Either that or I was sweating.
-Jeffrey Morris


Blogger Donuts and Coffee said...

As you sure it was 1976? Because he was the commencement speaker at the Newtown High graduation class of 1975, so he was in the area June 1975. My brothers graduation, don't remember if it rained. I do remember that his speech was inspirational, no "shock jock" stuff as was expected. Just a good old fashion keep working hard and you will succeed stuff, but aimed to meet the audience not condescending or aloof.

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