Monday, November 21, 2005

Under the wire.

I said I would upload a bunch of posts on Monday... and well, I barely made it.

Sorry the stuff wasn't updated at 8 in the morning - we have a crazy project that fell on us at the office... it seems the client must have a full fledged instructional video about hand-held duct calculators (nothing too snazy...we're talking slide rule technology) complete with animated graphics and other assorted whiz bangs to the duplicator by Dec 3rd.

We're doing what we can NOT to have to work over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I don't know what this has to do with XCI memories... except that I remember how cool it was to broadcast over winter break - with snow on the ground - christmas songs in rotation - a cool breeze drifting in from the window and not too many souls in the student center - except for the radio-addicts who hung out at the radio station, and a few alumni who came back to do holiday shows and fill-ins.

Happy Thanksgiving and all!

PS: The photos are from a recent performance of the Texas Radio Theatre Company - the folks with their hands to their mouths are playing kazoos (an important part of good radio).


Blogger Rabbett said...

Wally Amos ( aka Famous Amos ) lives in Lanikai and has opened a new cookie store called Chip and Cookie and he's still playing and passing out Kazoos. Recently I was gifted with one from Wally hisself. He was decked out in his Watermelon hat. Very classy.


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