Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Podcast - Coffee and Donuts 1

WXCI Memories 05 - Donuts and Coffee 1 is on line and ready for YOU!

I have more... but this took a lot more time than I thought.

I have a TomZ show air check, which I will forward soon. It is much shorter than this show. I'll try to get one a week to you to do with what you will.

This is Donuts and Coffee #1 September 12, 1976


A discussion with the Executive and Operations board of WXCI:
Phil Cyrulik General Manager
Dave Nanavati Operations Manager
Kevin O'Shea Business Manager - absent
Evans Travis Chief Engineer - absent
Mike Grady Program Director
Judy Scott News Director
David Landry Sports Director
Jeff Phillips Training Director
Glen Bisogno Music Director
Joanne LaDelfa Personnel Director - absent
Hugh McCarny Faculty Advisor - absent

Job descriptions - 1:15
Dood - 3:00
Dave - 4:15
Mike - 5:00
Judy - 6:00
Dave - 7:30
Jeff - 9:50
Glen then open discussion - 16:00
Commercial radio 18:30
Diverse programming 20:00
Staff size 27:00
Construction of the Stereo studio 34:00
Staffing problems and 24 hour broadcasting 37:00
Music acquisition and library size 43:00
Funding and Budgets 46:30
Licensing requirements 52:30
College courses 56:00
The future of WXCI at Wesconn

The first minute is VERY over modulated and it settles down two minutes after the start. At approximately 32:45 the volume dropped out and the amplification to restore the audio resulted in a lot if hiss for 45 seconds. The show runs just longer than 60 minutes but the tape lasted 59 minutes so the recording ends abruptly.

Thanks again,

Gregory Wencek


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