Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Now what...

Some people have said:

"I haven't been on the air in forever - I'm not sure what I should do."

I have a suggestion.

I know of a few friends who plan to schedule an hour together - they might even try to call me to get in on the act. Not a bad idea (as long as everyone's not planning on talking at once) .

In my opinion, by doing that the whole experience will:

  1. have more of a celebration atmosphere
  2. be less pressure on what to put on the air. (3 half brains equal 1.5 brains)
  3. have less anxiety... in other words, safety in numbers.
  4. automatically provide something to do after the show - like a diner or bar... or making fun of the next group of people to get on the air.

Just a thought.


PS: I'll ask about prerecorded shows and how they fit in with the plan tomorrow.


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