Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was talking with a guy who has a podcasting site, and I thought I'd be able to throw skeighty-eight or so old radio recordings his way and we could all pretend that we were listening to WXCI from 20 years ago...

He thought the idea was great - however there's something called ASCAP and BMI... and other rights orgs that wouldn't like us to make this material (despite it's impressive cassette quality audio) available on line to the half dozen citizens of the earth who would be interested.

The only way I think I could make old XCI programming available, would be if it were a talkshow, spoken word, public affairs shows or hours of banter. I don't have much like that (maybe a tape or two of a public affairs show I tried my hand at)... And then I have a few late night news casts that we did with sound effects and unauthorized commentary - but I'm not sure anyone should be subjected to those more than once ... ever... (let alone admit that there's any evidence of such activity). Well maybe I can send them to Dick Cheney.

Anyone have anything from XCI's past that's pod-castable? Interviews with recording artists? Long talk overs? How about production work? Let me know, and I'll get a Classic WXCI podcasting page set up.

Tell you what... If there are more than 12 recordings that people have - I'll also post that 25th anniversary CD -and a 1988 "Trend Wars" audio play produced by Rob Dryff and Gregg Vegas, (I don't think it ever aired) , and as a bonus... a few embarassing artist interviews I'd done - so there.

I also have one interview I engineered that some flunky (not an XCI alumni) made with THE REGENTS, when he asks them if they’re married and have families. There’s a long pause. One of the guys whistles like a “Cuckoo Bird”, and another says “What kind of question is that?” and another says, “Geez man, we’re rock and rollers – we don’t talk about our families”. I have to look and see if that raw tape exists, but I know I nearly spit my gum out through my nose when it happened.

That's worth the podcast right there.

(originally I thought this was an interview with Bobby Rydell - that's a separate interview with separate gems)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction - it was an interview with THE REGENTS (the guys who wrote "Barbara Ann" and performed "Shout"

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