Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rich's Crazy show at 11p

Since I've got the last show in the cue - I'll be the first to claim the following songs...

I'm burning it to CD tonight, so if you play any of these songs in your hour (this should only affect the 80's djs), you're just making yourself look ill-prepared.

Seriously, I'm using the following tunes in the 11 o'clock hour on 2/25

Android Sisters - Electronic Farm (only 10 sec)
The Cure - Forest
Erasure - Chorus - Extended Remix
The Fall - Victoria
Negativeland - Timezone
Lightning Seeds - Pure
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party

Art of Noise - a couple of ambients (music beds)

Depeche Mode - Never Let me Down-Aggro Mix (music bed)
Love and Rockets - Haunted (music bed)

And I thought I was only going to play 4 songs...

This was loads of fun... my co-hosting with Louis Wahl and my interview with Chris Cronin sounded great... despite my cheese speakerphone... now I have to resume my real life.

A SNEAK PREVIEW at 64kbs is available on line at a secret location - email me if you'd like to hear it



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