Sunday, January 08, 2006

HNY- Your most unforgettable character

Happy New Year everyone! Been kinda quiet lately so I thought I'd throw some questions into the pot. You know, shake off all those egg nog doldrums.

Has anyone had any further information/updates regarding the upcoming anniversary?

Is Rabbett the only person to make comments here (besides Rich) lately?

Will we ever hear from Stan Mingo again? (I got a Christmas card!)

Is Evans still pondering his latest works?

Will the world ever be ready for Bill Baker?

OK, enough nonsense. How about we start a new thread...Who was the singular most , um, unusual person at the station during your tenure there? I don't mean unsung hero necessarily, but am looking for your recollections of a person who really made life "interesting" while you were busy trying to do your thing. Could be a practical joker, someone who had behavioral and/or hygiene issues...whatever. Who is the one person you'll never forget from your XCI days?

Not to worry if you've got a list and can't whittle it down to one. A short list along with an even shorter description ought to do. Let's wake up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

As Chief Engineer for a few years - our contract Engineer Pete Partenio certainly helped make my life interesting at the station.

I guess my job was to fix and maintain as much stuff as I could do on my own and keep the staff from overwhelming him.

Still, I'm sure that Pete sometimes felt like he stepped into a fire ant mound when he walked into the office, but he was good at what he did and I enjoyed working with, and learning from him.

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