Monday, September 18, 2006

February is coming

I spoke with Hugh yesterday, and he tells me that he's going to help out with the next WXCI DAY (number XXXIV).

Perhaps all he needs to do is make sure the plans are on track.

We're going to look at what worked best last year, and see if we can keep this thing going - (with #35 in '08 being a super-big bash)

One thing he mentioned was the 'groups'. It seemed to be good for allums who worked together in the old days, to share a few slots. Safety in numbers, I suppose.

We ought to get support from the current staff. One point that was brought up last year, was that everyone at the station will eventually be an allum, so making sure this is a successful and reoccurring thing is as much for themselves as it is for us old farts. (kind of like Congress voting themselves a raise and a good retirement plan)

That's all for now.

I'll also see if I can dust off the WXCI podcast and get some of the 25th anniversary stuff on line as well as the new stuff that was emailed to me from the most recent one.

So much stuff...

I just need to find the time... In the last few months (since my Mom's accident and 99% recovery) I've been doing a whole bunch more sound design for theaters in Dallas - so add that to my already busy schedule....


Blogger BJ the gruntled said...

Jeez Rich.....when you use all those roman numerals it makes our anniversary look like the dang Super Bowl or somethin'.

Plus it makes us old farts really really really feel OLD!

6:35 PM  
Blogger Rabbett said...

and we're not roman - sheesh!

7:40 PM  

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