Monday, September 18, 2006


Oh... right... Rasputin sent in that last thing about the radio tower being yanked.

Sorry... I swear I thought I saw GW's name as the guy who sent me that there emaily-thang-a-ma-call-it.

Anyhow... I thought of something else.

With Digital radio coming over the horizon, anyone who has a broadcast license is going to have a huge opportunity to do niche programming (i.e. there's the potential to do good, old-fashioned radio again) in addition to the safe, focused group pablum they normally throw up at the transmitter.

The school administration is typically not looking to the future.

PS: as far as using the additional digital channels effectively, I'm not saying they will... I'm just saying there's a POTENTIAL.

More than likely it's just going to be MORE voice tracking and cyber dj computer generated monkey jocks... rather than any new employees and local based programming.



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