Friday, March 02, 2007

Comments from Bill Baker

Let me add my comments about Alumni day:

1. By the time I got there, the remaining food included one stone-cold piece of what might have been a zucchini or maybe a poker chip or a large toenail dipped in batter, and two bottles of warm Sprite.

2. I tried to get a couple of Danbury cop friends of mine to detain Adrienne so I could do another hour, but she outran them.

Thanks to WXCI's current management for inviting us and thanks to Hugh for hanging around the entire day and making us all feel welcome.

I am looking forward to next year, which I trust will include hot food, cold beer and Adrienne's mysteriously slashed tires the day before.

Bill Baker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey There WXCI fans,
Wow a reunion! I would have loved to attend. I have such great memories from soooo lonnng ago. Put me on the list and let me know about the next one. I enjoyed discovering the WXCI Memories blog. Well at least it was nice to see/read that Bill Baker was there. It's always nice to here from BB and Hugh Wow! what is Hugh up to???
I'm no longer in radio but I broadcast daily with my middle school students. It's a blast we use i-Movie and produce a morning show daily on closed circuit TV. My WCSU/WXCI experience has served me well. Here is the link to my new school site.
~Diana Perri '79-83

6:27 PM  

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