Thursday, February 05, 2009

cocktails / dinners / wild parties

BJ asks:

Just curious, but will there be another cocktail hour/ reception/ dinner like there was last year? Or will we just have to hang out at the station and make ourselves insufferable?

BJ Burgess

Dear Insufferable,

I've heard nothing official.

I hear some say life is what you make it... and a few say that life is a party. I suspect the party can and will be where you make it... and just like the old days - it'll probably start informally at the station, and then end up passed out somewhere on campus (except now-a-days it's probably due to fatigue or low blood sugar).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes too much energy to get those thing together more often than every five years or so. The Alumni Association has funded coffee and cookies at 2:00 and at 6:00, but there's nothing formal planned. I'll probably sneak away for a little pizza some time but that's about it.


5:25 PM  

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