Sunday, February 24, 2008

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WXCI 35th Anniversary Celebration

Where to begin? A wonderful time was apparently had by all, and many thianks have to go out to Hugh, the WXCI staff, members of the Westconn Alumni Association, past members of WXCI, and just about anyone else who had a hand in hosting a great event. As the evening wore on I was glad I didn't sign up for an air shift; it was too much fun hangin' with friends both new and old.

One of the highlights for me was when Tom Z handed me his cell phone and told me "You have to talk to this guy." It was Bob Wilson, who was the founder of the station and the reason we celebrated #35 last night. Bob sounded great and he clued me in to something I hadn't thought of.

Although WXCI celebrated #35 yesterday, the Campus Broadcast Association (the technical organizational name) was celebrating 40 years of existence, having been founded in 1968. We're all a lot older than we look (or act).

I hope Rich or Greg can help me post some of the pictures I took. I tried to log onto Rich's site, but it won't accept my password any more. I've been reduced to an incidental tourist there.

Again, thanks to all who helped put together this event, and to Rich & Greg who got these organizational blogs together.

So, what are we going to do for #36?


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