Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the station is now 35

It looked like everyone had a great time. Not too many fights, nothing broken any more than it already was. In all accounts a thunderingly good success.

I think I recorded most if not all of the alumni broadcasts. Rudi, Fal, Mike, Laurie, Pam, John and myself left the studios by 1:30am or so. (a far cry from the overnights that we inflicted on our selves as late as 10 years ago when we celebrated Washington's birthday by broadcasting all night long... for no reason that seemed to make sense at the time or now)

In those days - prior to our computer dj robot slaves (as opposed to the fleshy ones) WXCI would sign on in the morning (more or less) and go dark after 2. This time, there was no sign off... we just potted up the Wixy Wobot and weft.

I plan to listen through the 12 or so hours of recordings and post what's postable on the pod cast.
Hold on...

12 hours... ?


Then again, if I follow the same pattern since the 33rd - I have about 11 months to do it.

Please send photos to the email address on the sidebar with suitable comments. Over the next few weeks - I'll post them on the blog.

To the current and past and future staff of WXCI - thanks for helping to make this a lasting tradition! It's certainly worth keeping.


Blogger Donuts and Coffee said...

I had a great time too... meeting Rich in person, and everyone else. Thanks to all who participated and those who helped in the setup.
Some photos are already posed at and more will follow. (Join up and also join the group WXCIMemories.)

I have the 2 hours of the TomZ show interviews with past members and will edit them into individual segments then forward them for inclusion here.

Stay tuned for more on this and many of the other participating internet venues.


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