Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alumni Schedule (so far) for Alumni Day!

ALUMNI SCHEDULE (so far) for ALUMNI DAY 08! (feb 23)

Starting at NOON!

12-2pm - Tom Z's alumni cavalcade (of sorts)

2-3pm - Greg Higgins
3-4pm - Jeff McKay
4-5pm - Joe Mariano
5-6pm - Keenon Snell
6-7pm - Bill Reinheimer
7-8pm - OPEN
8-9pm - Bill Baker
9-10pm - Michael Wright
10-11pm - Rudi Hauser, Rich Frohlich
11pm-12 - Pam Meister

Someone pretending to be the Management

** NOTE : Apparently both Phil "Dood" Cyrulik and Carey Hewitt (originally slated to go from Noon to 2) are unable to make their slots. (as of Feb 19) so Tom Z will have an amazing 2 hours of call-ins and interviews with plenty of WXCI alumni who happen to be there at the time. (that is unless someone has a better idea...)


Blogger Tom Zarecki (Tom Z) said...

Hi everyone...just got the OK to open the festivities with a 2-hour talk fest this saturday from 10AM till the dood show at Noon.

Anyone and everyone on this alum schedule is welcome to appear in person, in the studio, during my 2 hours.

i won't play any music, but instead will be the moderator of bringing memories and cool stories out of each of you...or other XCI former air talent who are not on this schedule.

Please email me ASAP and tell me whether or not you're interested in being part of this segment.

this should be fun...i will also enjoy listening to each of your programs, too. Remember, they will all probably end up as podcasts and live longer than any of us, so make them great shows.

tom z

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well apparently this internet thing is way too powerful to let someone like me get their hands on it...

I assumed something I ought not have assumed and stated (factually) that no alumni were on the air prior to noon. Unfortunately I never stated whether SLOTS were available prior to noon. (I assumed there might be)

Today I got a message from Brian Mulvihill who hosts "WXCI's Saturday Morning Club" and "Shout! Brother! Shout!" And he told me that he had planned on broadcasting up until noon.

He said he'd be ok if an alumni wanted to take an hour out of his show, but he'd need to know soon, as he had guests lined up.

Hopefully we can sort this out before Saturday Morning...

Sorry if I stepped on toes with my big clown shoes.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Tom Zarecki (Tom Z) said...

Here's the lineup for the kickoff, in this order:

NOON to 1PM:
Jimmy Dyer!
Bob Wilson!
Pam Brooks!
Steve Kalb!
Jeff Herald!

1PM to 2PM:
Kevin Hogan!
Jan Jagush!
Greg Wencek!
Hugh McCarney!

see y'all tomorrow. for those that can't attend, we will post the audio afterwords so you can hear the entire 2 hour talkfest.

thanks again, everyone

7:13 PM  

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