Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dusting off the Podcast

I guess it's time to dust off the podcast.

I received a sign from the radio-gods (or demi-gods... or spirits or pixies... ah... I had a MOMENT... ok)

When I was attempting to organize my office (ok... clean off my desk) I found a minidisc of the WXCI stream from our 2006 (33rd) alumni weekend - AND also found a recording of the LIFE AFTER COLLEGE talk that was organized during our 2007 weekend.

Due to our litigious friends at the RIAA I don't risk playing any of the tunes that Morgan, Tom, Gregg, Bill, Rudi and Mike (and others) played during their shows - but I can play what they said. Some of the broadcast day was cut off due to streaming difficulties... then it ended in the middle of Rudi, Pam and Mike's shift...

So... it'll be just like a bunch of airchecks...

Those are all coming up in the next few days... so prepare to jump over to

By the way... podcast is a generic name for downloadable and streaming audio... you can listen via your computer without that cool and groovy apple product.

I should have some things up this weekend.

I hope I hope I hope.


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