Friday, February 22, 2008

WXCI alumni day on the internet

Hi all.

Pardon the intrusion. The WXCI alumni day is at hand. Many of you will be at the studios and many more of you will be at the reception in the evening. But the majority of you are at remote locations, as far away as you can get. In case you want to look into the (train wreck) proceedings we have arranged to video stream of the TomZ show between noon and 2:00 Eastern time.

Providing that I get a good broadband connection in the studio the stream will be at the Ning site and UStream. and at

As other streaming possibilities arise I will post them at Ning and in another email. I hope the years away from WXCI have kept you well. And I can assure you I will keep any mailings to a minimum. If you want to stay in touch join If you want me to leave you alone, tell me to stop by replying. I will do my best to keep your addresses blind in any mailings.

Gregory Wencek
Mid 1970's


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