Friday, February 22, 2008

Schedule (as far as I know)

Noon February 23 starts the WXCI 35th anniversary broadcast featuring guests and DJ's from WXCI's history.

Noon to 1PM - Tom Zarecki takes the airwaves with an interview show featuring the following folks (in order or appearance):

Jimmy Dyer!
Bob Wilson!
Pam Brooks!
Steve Kalb!
Jeff Herald!

1PM to 2PM - Tom continues his show with the following guests:
Kevin Hogan!
Jan Jagush!
Greg Wencek!
Hugh McCarney!

The audio AND video of the first two hours will be streamed on line - see related post

The rest of the ALUMNI SCHEDULE

2-3pm - Greg Higgins
3-4pm - Jeff McKay
4-5pm - Joe Mariano
5-6pm - Keenon Snell
6-7pm - Bill Reinheimer
7-9pm - Bill (I'm taking 2 hours because I can) Baker
9-10pm - Michael Wright
10-11pm - Rudi Hauser, Rich Frohlich
11pm-12 - Pam Meister

And that's the truth... pfttttttttt


Blogger Bill Baker said...

I volunteered to do two hours, but never heard from the PD. I will plan to do 7-9.

- Bill Baker

7:12 AM  
Blogger Eugene said...

Congrats on starting an institution! The link below should take you to an interview with Tom Z.

6:33 PM  

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