Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thanks to some nearly pretty old technology - I recorded 11 hours of WXCI on MiniDisc.

(I got the tail end of Hugh McCarney on Tom Z's show - and everything thereafter.

I'm promised the Tom Z interview show (which will DEFINITELY be available on the podcast soon!)

I especially have recordings of the alumni who went on the air during our party - (5:30 to about 9:30) none other than:

Joe Mariano, Keenon Snell (00's)
Bill Reinheimer (70's)
and Bill Baker (80's)

I'm sure many of you reading this blog would really love to hear the whole 11 or 13 hours of shows on the podcast, but I'm a bit cautious about putting them on line as they are (music and everything).

Others have asked about listening to un edited recordings of the previous reunion shows.

How about this - If I put one disc together - does anyone have any thoughts on how copies could get to alumni who want it?

Thoughts, comments, witty anecdotes via email (the address on the right column), or leave a comment at the bottom of this here post thing.



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