Thursday, February 19, 2009

Danbury airwaves need a stimulus!

Yes... the airwaves need a stimulus... a bailout... a veritable shot in the arm, and you can give it to them.

You know about the allumni weekend. You know that's when DJs from WXCI's past get to sit in that sticky chair, talk into a stained microphone and gingerly avoid the chewing gum from getting on their knees.

You know you could join them.

But you said to yourself:

"It could never happen again"

"Who'd want to listen to me?"

and "There's probably no room..."

Well, it can, everyone, and there is!!

So - don't just stand there with your finger on your temple... put it on WXCI's console and get broadcasting again... at least for one little weekend.

According to Hugh:

"We still have some open times.

Also the Alumni Association is funding the coffee and cookies this year, so there will be refreshments, but no dinner."


Slots AND COOKIES. What more could you ask for?

What slots are open?

Not sure... but I know what slots are not open:

12-1 Greg Higgins
1-2 Jeff McKay
2-3 Jesse Gosselin
3-4 Michael Wright
5-6 Keenon Snell

If you want to find out which slot to ask for - might I suggest a strawberry, deductive reasoning, geometric logic and a duplicate key to the icebox... then send a quick email request to sglyko at gmail dot com (Steve Glykokokalos).

(many will play - few will win)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry I'm going to have to miss out this year.I will be wielding my stratocaster at Archie Moore's in Derby that night (shameless promotion there)playing those classic rock songs live instead of on the air. I wish everyone great success and a whole lotta fun.

Bruce Anderson '73

6:48 PM  

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