Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Alumni Emails

I've been asked about a list of current emails.

That's tricky. I would love to post them here, but I'm afraid that spam robots will get ahold of the information and use it for evil. So I'll give a list of people who have sent messages to me, and if you want their emails, I'll be happy to send them to you (if you can prove you're not a spam robot)

The list (in no particular order or accuracy):

Rabbett, Kirk Michaels, Paul Yurt, Randy Frongillo, Evan Travis, Lori Mott, Jeffrey Morris, Morgan Williams, Troy smith, Carey Hewitt, Brian BJ Burgess, Rudi Hauser, Pam Meister, Louis Wahl, Jesse Gosselin, Gregory Wencek, Ed Struski, Adrienne Lalla, Bruce Goldsen, Phil Cyrulik, Jackie Quinn, Hugh McCarney, Patty Grannan and Micheal Wright.

I've found allegedly good locations or emails for folks like Pete Partenio, Bill Baker and others, but since they haven't written me back, I can't be certain.

That's the story so far.

PS: Hugh might have a larger list - The Alumni site has a few too. Again, I wrote to a lot of people about this blog - we have a lot of traffic, so I can assume that a few XCI allumni are checking it out, but not checking in or posting.


Blogger Skid Rowe said...


Hope all is well with all of you.

Great to have this blog so we can continue the legacy, legend & heritage that is WXCI, the number 1 collegiate radio station in the USA (according to Rolling Stone).

Since graduating in '80, landed a gig at Merv Griffins' now-defunct "Magic104-Waterbury/Hartford". Was there until '86, when I then went to WACKY102-Rock102/Springfield MA, & then jumped to I-95.

In '88 stepped onto WCCC/Hartford until '96, where one of the best PDs' I ever had, Ted Sellers, says "Your name is no longer Jack Allen - it is now the Grim Reaper". Whatever you say, boss. Looks like Fred Norris was in the right place at the right time. Don't know how he attended WesConn & did the graveyard shift at 'CCC 65 mi. away in Hartford! You can see that story if you view Howard Sterns' "Private Parts" movie. Saw Fred awhile ago - he's a great guy.

Went to 99Rock/New Haven in '96 until '04.

All this time (24 yrs.) I've been working in Communications at the phone company AT&T, where I've worked in CT, NJ, MA, FL & now in Charlotte NC. The weather & people are both nice here. Have received positive responses from PDs' here, & am doing traffic on the "Collosus of the South" - the legendary, heritage NewsTalk-1110/WBT - a station that can be heard from Cuba to Canada. I'm Jack Allen - NewsTalk - 1110/WBT TimeSaver Traffic. Most of the stations here are 100KW flamethrowing blowtorches.

Also enjoy fishing in the boat with my Boxer dog & girlfriend (not necessarily in that order).

Stay in touch with Mike Grady frequently - he lives in VT.

Stay in touch with Dood, also. Saw Doods' brother, John, at the airport this past weekend. I also work at USAirways - will be flying to Hawai'i again - make sure you surf over to & click on Rabbetts' website "Internet Radio Hawaii" - irh.com daily!

Best Regards,

8:23 PM  

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