Monday, October 10, 2005

Message from Morgan Williams

Like Ed Struski, i too have to shake the cob webs out of my mind before i can really post anything.

So many stories, so much to say...too much to say.

I like the one common thread from the old days though, "hanging out in the front office." Alot of time was spent there and I can still here the familiar sound of the door opening and closing.

So anyway... right now , just a note to say "yo".

I got the site from Boy Troy.... and will pass it on to Kirk Michaels and a few others.... get this.... a new guy started in our office a few months ago. I walked in his studio because i saw he had a screen saver of Depeche Mode pictures on his monitor. I asked what is was because they were moving in a random pattern slide show. He told me, " they're pictures of this band called Depeche Mode. ever heard of 'em?"

more later.

MorganWilliamsDJ at

RF: I forgot about the door sounds. I'll bet I have a video somewhere with the two tell-tale sounds of each one... the studio door's 'creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek' and the front door's 'dannnnnnngg clink' Funny how those sounds stay in your mind... think about it, and you can still hear the stairwell door open and close too.

MORGAN: you're freaking me out with the stairwell sounds dude. sure. post that stuff. who knows when i'll get around to writing a whole paragraph or two. i honestly will though. I love the site!

RF: You hear a lot of things when you do sign-off... that was my favorite shift


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