Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sudden Afterthoughts...

The following is a paraphrased conversation in email between BJ and myself after he sent me the previously posted history.

RF: The new student center is a complete redesign. To imagine where the XCI studios once were, you'd have to start at the elevator on the Roberts avenue side, go to the top floor and walk towards OLD MAIN. The elevator is roughly at the same part of the building where the old stairwell was.

BJ: We didn't have an elevator back in my day. The closest thing we had was a dumbwaiter which was down the hall in another room.

RF: The elevator was installed around 1991, my last year at WestConn

BJ: If you say the elevator was in the same location as the stairwell, then it's close. That stairwell had a lot of memories attached to it as well. Remember that there was no bathroom on the second floor, and a jock had to go down those stairs and down another hall, do his or her thing, and race back before a song ran out. Fortunately we had bands like Led Zepplin, Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers , or Yes who recorded nice 12-minute songs.

RF: We had the same situation in the 80's. We had a couple of songs of amazing length - Sisters of Mercy and Madness - "Yesterday's Men" come to mind.

BJ: If you remember the same basic layout of the Union as I, The Echo had their offices right across the hall from WXCI. Our original broom closet was lastly used as the Echo's darkroom. It wasn't until my last year or so that we punched through the wall to add more office space and change our main entrance to that little hallway off the game room.

RF: I used to LIVE in that student center. I think I remember seeing the dumbwaiter once. I was in the ECHO's darkroom a few times too. So I actually stepped on "hallowed ground".

BJ: Hey, maybe the alumni office has a blueprint of the old floor plan of Memorial Hall. That could eliminate a lot of the guesswork and conjecture. Some computer whiz could do an overlay of the new floor plan over the old one and pinpoint exactly where we used to be. Then we'd know how we could be in two places at once (when we're not anywhere at all).

RF: But then everything we know would be wrong anyway...

BJ: Glad you liked the narrative. I felt a little better about it after the rewrite, but I'm sure as time passes there will be parts I think need fixing. I just hope it spurs some other folks to share their version of things. If it triggers some happy memories, that's even better.
I was chuckling at some of the pictures on your site. The election night photos show a guy you call Jeff Rasputin. His real name is Jeff Morris and his air name was Rasputin. He's still local (In South Salem NY) and I'm going to e-mail him about your site. He, Rabbett, and another guy, Dave Nanavaty were known around the station as "Three swell guys". They produced some absolutely amazing stuff during their tenure at WXCI, some of which made it on the 25th anniversary CD. They were our answer to the Firesign Theatre. Even today, they're all still nuts.

See? I knew this would happen. I already remembered a couple more people I left off the membership list at the end of the story. John Forguites and Pam Mc Clusky. There was another guy named Joe, but for the life of me, I can't remember his name ( and nobody else can either). All the more reason to get folks blogging you!
Anyway, thanks for providing the forum, and I hope my little contribution helps.

RF: My pleasure... this is "funner" than posting crap about what I had for breakfast (the extent of most blogs you might read).

(By the way, it was an omlete with mushrooms, peppers, ham, cheddar cheese and a few sprouts)


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