Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Message from Jesse Gosselin

It seems like just yesterday the Reality Break followed Pressure Drop on Wednesday nights on XCI; and I was loading in the best production work XCI had gotten in a long time.
(Thanks for saying that Jesse)

Glad to see you're still doing the Texas Radio Theater group.
with any luck, XCI will be airing some TRTC plays soon
Very cool. I heard about the WXCI Memories Blog from Hugh. He sent me your messagetoday. I immediately went and checked it out. Although I may be one of the younger alumni to check in; I still love and miss WXCI very much. To havethat kind of freedom and opportunity on the airwaves is something we were all lucky to experience.

Now at WPLR

I never left the airwaves after WXCI. After WestConn I moved back to my home town of New Haven; and worked my way into WPLR. I've been at PLR for 5years now (with brief stints at Danbury's WLAD-AM and New Haven's WYBC-FM). I'm the overnight jock, Producer of the morning show, and the Webmaster ofthe PLR website. You can visit me at work here... http://wplr.com/inside/jesse.html

Automation at 91.7

I try to listen to WXCI on the web almost everyday; but lately the signal has been offline. Yes it's true that WXCI currently runs on an automation computer when there's no live jock. The upside is that the station is transmitting 24-7. The downside is that for many of those hours you're listening to the automation computer; and not a live jock. Because the automation computer is on whenever there's no live jock the sign on and sign off scripts will almost never be read again unless there's a transmitter failure and they have to sign back on.

I too being a good scout and remembering my oath - the sign off script around the year 2000 as this... "At this time, WXCI concludes its broadcast day. WXCI is owned and operated by the Campus Broadcast Association of Western Connecticut State University. Our studios are located in the Student Center on the Midtown campus at WCSU, with transmitting facilities at WCSU's Westside Campus in Danbury Connecticut. WXCI operates on an assigned carrier frequency of 91.7 megahertz, with an effective radiated power of 3000 Watts as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. WXCI is funded in part by the Student Government Association of Western Connecticut State University; and will return to the air at 6am. Good Night."

Life Sentence - a show for life members

Last year Marcia Kendall started a show just for Life Members called 'Life Sentence'. The idea of the show was that every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 a different Life Member from XCI's past would take the helm and do a show. This way Life Members didn't have to commit to a weekly airshift; but could still come back and have some fun. I did 'Life Sentence' back in March; and it was one of the most fun things I've done this year. I'm not sure if 'Life Sentence' has a different time slot this semester because I haven't heard it lately; but I would certainly encourage all WXCI Life Members within the station's signal range to come back and do a show or two.

I intend to check the blog often; and I hope to stay involved as a WXCI alumnus anyway I can. I think this is a great way for us to get back in touch and hopefully stay in touch with one another.

Hello to all other WXCI alumni! Until later,

Jesse Gosselin
WXCI Life Member - 2000


Blogger Gretchen said...

G'day WXCIers!! How wonderful to see a place for everyone to catch up. I'm glad to see how active everyone is. I have been able to tap into WXCI's waves from down under in my new residence of Australia, so if any of you ever make it to Brisbane in the state of sunny Queensland, please let me know & I will offer a warmest welcome.

Radio jocks down here are really played up like celebrities a lot of the time (who'd have thought!). I'm married a wonderful Aussie bloke & spend my time writing novels & childrens books. KEEP ROCKIN!

xoxoxo---gretchen---life member--00

2:56 PM  

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