Wednesday, October 05, 2005

WXCI website

Hugh says a new update is scheduled for the WXCI website. It'd be great to see a what happened since the last news update (October 2003).

On a positive note, at least WXCI HAS a website. I tried a month ago, and I just tried today, but I can't find any information on THE ECHO. Nothing. Nowhere. No how. I had some good times over at that rag, fond memories of pizza at our meetings (thanks to Rudi)... rubber band fights... and late night paste up... oh yeah and writing stories too... there was some of that every now and then. I'd think a group like the ECHO would have an easy job at putting together a quick website... but I guess not.

Hugh also tried to send me some Life Member updates, as well as some new photos, but the files wouldn't open for me. Apparently, they transferred ok... they're on my harddrive.... they're big too... they just won't open.


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