Friday, December 02, 2005

PodCast WXCI

I have about 6 talk show tapes. It was to be a call in show but I think I only got 2 calls over all the weeks we were on the air, and that was most likely from my mother. I can't promises anything before Christmas, but I can digitize them and forward to you for inclusion.
I agree, these shows were awful, in a bad way. Talk about learning a craft. These shows point out the worst in broadcasting but it was a wonderful learning experience. Why would someone want to listen now, I don't know.
One way around the music delivery rights thing is to edit out the actual music, leaving behind the 'banter' and telling the listener which songs they should insert. Lots of work for a little payoff but it is a method. I noticed the PodCast "Down Stage Center" from the American Theater Wing does that. When 'Broadcast' on XM Radio they play the songs form the Broadway shows being discussed. On the PodCast they just skip the song, doing the song intro then a space followed by the outtro. The problem with old WXCI programs is when the jock talked over the song.

Well time for work... Keep up the good work.
Gregory Wencek WXCI 1973 - 1978ish


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the amount of a song that would be in a talk over would fall in the fair use section - if there still is such a thing.

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