Monday, October 16, 2006

"What remains is future"

During XCI's early period of "new music" (from Darryl Ohrt's 'Adventure Jukebox' to the full-time change in format and the rise of the 'Radio Underground'), many of us knew of CBGB's. Station staffers, jocks and others went to shows there, others heard about shows or bands that graced it's stage and there are others (like myself) who never made it there at all. With it's closing last night (10/15 with Patti Smith), another page is turned in the rich history of rock music. Another lost venue with an amazing laundry list of performances.

If you or someone you know went to CBGB's during it's heyday, or even over the last year, raise a glass and mark it's passing. There are plenty of places to see bands these days, but for some it won't be the same without that scrappy club in the Bowery.

Jon Pareles laments the final night in the NY Times