Saturday, February 10, 2007

2/24 5pm for food and fun

Anna Youngquist, the business manager at XCI is helping to coordingate the birthday weekend, and they manage to get Sodexho (our food service here) to provide food for the event.

Here is the rest of her message:
We were brainstorming around here and thought it would be great if in the middle of the noon-midnight broadcast (on Feb 24), Alumn could gather at 5pm in the station for some buffet style munchies & beverages and reminisce about WXCI. Could you possibly post the 5pm festivities on the Memories blog?

Many thanks,

Anna Youngquist
Business Manager
91.7 FM WXCI

Sounds cool...



Blogger BJ the gruntled said...

It's a little ironic that you can get the food service company to provide munchies for the WXCI reunion.

Back in the first year of WXCI's existence (we were WSCT back then), the food service company (ARA) would use our studio as a staging area for various functions. There was a large sink in the room and a small window that led to one of the faculty lounges. The food service company was not adverse to stacking dirty dishes on the turntables or using them as lazy susans.

This led to many confrontations with ARA and more than several on-air comments about the quality of our food service. Eventually we were told to chill out and lay off knocking ARA.

OK, I realize this is prehistoric, and the Student Union isn't laid out the same anymore, but it helps show just how far we've come.

I guess Bob Dylan had it right... You do Gotta Serve

9:16 AM  

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