Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Glenn Bisogno

Hey there,

I heard I was being tracked down the the dog I am! What's new?
I'm working for Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ in marketing, I got out of radio in 1985. I miss the good old days at the "wonderful wixy". I'm still having flashbacks from my time talking with Rabbit and Rasputen. And I kind of miss seeing Jimmy Dyer in the building late at night. Has anyone heard from my best man Mike Grady? I'll always miss my buddy Dave Landry, so sad that such a nice guy had to die so young from brain cancer, just horrible.

My time at WXCI was one of the main reasons I got my first job in advertising and production in cable. And I credit XCI with helping me with my pubic speaking when I became GM and had to talk to public officials. It was also great training on how to provide carefully crafted sound bites for the press, who gleefully parrot them unedited. Got to love the press.
I just got remarried, live in the Brewster area, and now have have six kids and two grandchildren.

Anyhow, cool web site. We didn't even have access to computers back then, but if we did it would have been very cool too.



Blogger Skid Rowe said...


Great to finally hear from you!

Mike Grady works for Mt. Snow in VT, & his email is mgrady@mountsnow.com

Check out Rabbetts' site at irh.com

I'm currently a Fleet Service Agent for USAirways in Charlotte NC, plus working at NewsTalk1110WBT & K104.7. Was also at PLR, CCC, WAQY & WPOP.

Hope to see you at the 35th!


11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Skid! Great to hear from you. Wow, you're a southern man. What else have you been up to all these years? My new wife has her house next to Ocean City MD so thats probably where we'll end up settling once I figure out how to do that and still see my daughter in NY. I hate the cold and snow. I haven't done radio in about three years. I filled in 3 or 4 times over since I left radio but I am really rusty. I hope I can do radio when I retire, just for fun. I'll try to make it to the 35th, it would be a pisser!


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Bisogno! I've been thinking about you for years. Seems to me I once saw you referred to in an article in the Journal News (or, more likely, the Reporter Dispatch as it was called then) about some cable issue in Brewster.

The thing is, I've been living here in South Salem the whole time. Do a lot of shopping in Danbury. So I've probably run into you and not even realized it -- but then again, you're so OLD, how could I recognize you?

So, are you still driving the rust-colored Subaru?

--Rasputin (it's spelled with an "i" -- then again, Rabbett is spelled with an "e", so you probably got us confused)

8:53 PM  

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