Friday, January 22, 2010

WXCI's 37th

There's been a lot of buzz about WXCI's 37th anniversary.

At this time we're still waiting to hear the details.

In an earlier post I assumed (with geometric logic and dead reckoning) it would be held on the 20th  of February.

Unfortunately I forgot I posted that for MONTHS.

In the meantime the aforementioned post triumphantly proclaimed the day with wanton abandon (in a sort of innocent school-girl way.

It is now my sad duty to caution you - that the date is not yet  confirmed by the station or 'management' and I must admit there was a bit more Nostradamus, than authority in that post.

Now don't panic... It may well be on the 20th.   I just don't know for sure.

But - I can assure you with 100% certainty that as soon as I hear the actual details I will post them here AND on facebook so that we can all firm up our plans to celebrate 37 years of independent - non-commercial - cooler than [insert noun] - broadcasting on Danbury's best college radio station ever.