Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BJ's Random Musings

It's ok for you to give out my e-mail address.

I doubt Hugh has mine, as I didn't have a computer back when we had the 25th anniversary. I'd be happy to hear from any old XCIers, unless they're process servers now, or want to question me about that rather ugly incident in the production room circa 1972 (just kidding...we got the blood stains cleaned up and the bodies disposed of)......... just kidding again!

Tried to get in touch with Stan Mingo, and haven't heard back from him yet. Stan joined the station right after me, so we're just about the oldest veterans you got. Stan's in Jacksonville Fl, and seems to be a very happy grandparent.

I'd really like to get in touch with Bob Wilson (founder and mythological Yoda figure), but a google search only comes up with several zillion possibilities. I'd really be interested to hear his thoughts on what his baby has become.


BeeJayBurg at

(I'll still post your email this way so the robots can't get it easily... blast those robots and the phone police -RF_


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