Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Message from Skid Rowe

(from a Comment in a previous post)

Skid Rowe said...

Greetings! Hope all is well with all of you.

Great to have this blog so we can continue the legacy, legend & heritage that is WXCI, the number 1 collegiate radio station in the USA (according to Rolling Stone).

Since graduating in '80, landed a gig at Merv Griffins' now-defunct "Magic104-Waterbury/Hartford". Was there until '86, when I then went to WACKY102-Rock102/Springfield MA, & then jumped to I-95. In '88 stepped onto WCCC/Hartford until '96, where one of the best PDs' I ever had, Ted Sellers, says "Your name is no longer Jack Allen - it is now the Grim Reaper". Whatever you say, boss. Looks like Fred Norris was in the right place at the right time. Don't know how he attended WesConn & did the graveyard shift at 'CCC 65 mi. away in Hartford! You can see that story if you view Howard Sterns' "Private Parts" movie. Saw Fred awhile ago - he's a great guy. Went to 99Rock/New Haven in '96 until '04.

All this time (24 yrs.) I've been working in Communications at the phone company AT&T, where I've worked in CT, NJ, MA, FL & now in Charlotte NC. The weather & people are both nice here. Have received positive responses from PDs' here, & am doing traffic on the "Collosus of the South" - the legendary, heritage NewsTalk-1110/WBT - a station that can be heard from Cuba to Canada. I'm Jack Allen - NewsTalk - 1110/WBT TimeSaver Traffic. Most of the stations here are 100KW flamethrowing blowtorches.

Also enjoy fishing in the boat with my Boxer dog & girlfriend (not necessarily in that order).

Stay in touch with Mike Grady frequently - he lives in VT. Stay in touch with Dood, also. Saw Doods' brother, John, at the airport this past weekend. I also work at USAirways - will be flying to Hawai'i again - make sure you surf over to & click on Rabbetts' website "Internet Radio Hawaii" - daily!

Best Regards,