Friday, February 24, 2006

tomorrow's Tom Z show

Hello cast members...

Thanks in advance for agreeing to appear on my seemingly-organized-but-based-on-chaos talk program. Here's the lineup below.

As long as Greg's equipment functions properly, I will make sure each of you get a lovely commerative CD of this thrilling hour of motivational radio.

i will have a few pre-planned questions to ask each of you, but you can say whatever you want. creativity is welcome but not necessary. no prep is necessary either. your end is up to you. however you choose to behave is fine, i can roll with it. i've been doing this all my life. just don't swear, there is no delay.

5:00 - ID into musical bed with billboard of what's coming up in the hour (me)
5:05 - opening song: "spirit of radio" by Rush ...5 mins
5:10 - chat with dood (he will call or i will read his email) 5 mins
5:15 - chat with bruce goldsen (i will call him) 5 mins
5:20 - chat with rich froelich (he will call or i will read his email) 5 mins
5:25 - chat with john forguites (call in)
5:30 - chat with paul rowe (call in) 5 mins
5:35 - chat with rabbett (call in) 5 mins, may be 10 min cuz i have nobody at 5:40!
5:45 - chat with dennis martin (call in) 5 mins
5:50 - chat with greg wencek (in studio) on remotes/registration & promo for next hour 3 mins
5:53 - only one minute of paul simon's "still crazy after all these years", segue into radio chaos
5:54 - "radio chaos" CD - six minutes (a wild skit about a top 40 station from around 1964...very odd)

thanks! gotta run and catch a train.

tom z


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