Sunday, November 06, 2005

Regarding Life Membership

I suddenly have forgotten how to start a new entry on the blog. Well ok, maybe "suddenly" isn't the right word. I tried last week and couldn't figure out where to click.

I've responded to Rabb's post a couple of times and it brings up an interesting question. Maybe Hugh can give us some input as well. Say there was a horrendous oversight, and people who really deserved to be Life Members were left out in the cold. Rabb says Pam "Pooh" McCluskey should have been elected, and I say Evans "ET " Travis should have been as well. Because of inter-office politics, or maybe just omission, deserving people were never given their rightful honors in the WXCI pantheon.

Is there anything in the WXCI constitution to address this? I know it has the potential to open up a major can of worms because of all the benefits Life Membership offers ( free elevator rides in the student union elevators for life, just to name one).

Although I was probably somewhere in the building when our charter was first drawn up (probably in the snack bar), I'm not sure how this would be handled. The current membership would be hard-pressed to vote for somebody they never knew.

I'd be interested to hear if this has been dealt with before, if there is a precedent, and if not, how we can make one.

Brian BJ Burgess
LM 1973


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