Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who is this Alex person?

Gregory says:

Alex Crane is/was in real life Dennis Boskello. His senior year he was the Student Government Association president. He told me that he didn't think the president should do a radio show, so Alex did it. "Peti e"would drop in from time to time to say something or another between songs. (The rooster he refers to is the crowing at the beginning of "Good Morning" by the Beatles.

Alex played that rooster every time he did a weather forecast, or something, the way Imus had his "QuackQuack".) I believe that BJ is the voice so, he may know more about thiswhole thing.

After all I was a Sophomore and nobody told us anything. I took over the morning show the next year, after Dennis graduated. There was a reference to Alex in one of the comments a while ago.

Someone, I think Rabbitt, wondering if I, (signing a comment as Donutsand Coffee - my morning show), was Alex. There may be a photo of him on Rabbett's site.



Blogger Rabbett said...

No, I do not believe I have a photo of Boskello. He did not show up for the 25th and he wasn't in the group photo circa 1971 either. Dennis seems to have dropped out of the xci family. I know he became a teacher and lives in New Fairfield.

1:46 PM  
Blogger BJ the gruntled said...

Ok, I can help with this one...

Dennis aka Alex is a teacher in Fairfield CT, not New Fairfield. He married Margo Godlewski who may or may not have been an XCI member. She hung around a bit, and I know she too was active in Student Government.

All my attempts at contacting Dennis for the 25th anniversary party were met with silence. I think I had his e-mail address at one time and he never replied.Given that he's an adult now with a responsible job, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Yes, I was the voice of "Petey". Petey was based on a character that one of my roomates had as a British foreign exchange student back in high school. The guy was apparently a real dork, and my roomate used to make fun of him every chance he got. My roomate's voice impersonation of Petey was much funnier than mine.His favorite food was "milk and muffins", or anything with "jelly on top" (including beef stew).
Petey was an infrequent regular character on Dennis' morning show. I just couldn't (or wouldn't) get up that early. There were times I'd wander in while Dennis was still on the air, and that's when Petey showed up too.

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