Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coming back soon

Sorry for no updates and lack of communication.

In a nutshell: My Mom broke her neck last month, I had several insane deadlines and projects going on at the same time, my Dad dropped in for a visit, then my wife's Mom went into the hospital for a routine operation - things happened, and now she's spending the week, and in the middle of all that my hard drive had a senior moment and forgot it's operating system.

It took me some time to recover, and then it happened again... I bought a new hard drive and went through the process only to have more things go wrong.

Anyhow - I think my system is rebuilt to where it was prior to when it 'sneezed'. Does that mean it's fixed. Not really. I'm having some real problems with my USB device driver - and I might need to see about upgrading some hardware really - really soon.

Well, now that some of this dust seems to be settling, maybe I can start putting some junk on line again from what now seems like last year.

Again... I should be back now...

knock on wood.